Delivering Presence in the Moments that Matter

Cleverhorn – Smarter Reach, Better Results

How we deliver…

Motivating prospects & customers with authoritative education and meaningful offers at moments most often leading to sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.


Accelerating buyer velocity, loyalty and advocacy through trusted, relevant customer experiences.


Cultivating sales opportunities & customer satisfaction throughout our client’s sales, marketing and service teams



Value. Relevance. Trust

Value Contribution: Marketing Strategy

  • Branding & Messaging
  • Sales Enablement
  • Measured Marketing


Dynamics of Relevant Content:

Rigor – Learning in which an individual demonstrates a thorough, in-depth mastery of challenging tasks to develop cognitive skills through reflective thought, analysis, problem-solving, evaluation, or creativity.

Context – The rigor of the intended audience and how they intend to use the knowledge provided.

ValueWhy Popeye eats Spinach; not for the taste but for the results it provides when he needs it.

Timeliness – The urgency or need to acquire knowledge

Authority – The influence of the entity or author providing the information

Trust – See below


Elements of Building Trust

  • Intent – Provide objective solutions in the best interest of clients
  • Credibility – Support client interests with integrity and consistency
  • Sincerity – Being genuine in actions and intentions (head/heart connection)
  • Competence – Having the experience, knowledge and skill to do what you commit to doing
  • Engagement – Being attuned to the concerns of clients and relating with compassionate presence
  • Reliability – Keeping promises and commitments within agreed upon time frames
  • Standardization – Holding and Meeting Clear Standards of Performance
  • Accuracy – Share information that is factual, reliable and complete
  • Clarity – Share information that is easily understood